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We are committed to lending in a responsible way. This is because though lending to limited companies is an unregulated market, we still ensure that our products are made available for businesses in a transparent and affordable way. We offer our financing products to the businesses to support their various business needs and we always strive to establish a friendly and long term rapport with the customer.

When we consider your application, we will ensure that it's the right choice for you and your business. So we look into your current,both personal and business financial situation and be certain that you meet the affordability criteria to pay it back. We want you to be open to us with regards to your situation as we may miss out on any factor during our appraisal process .We carry out the necessary credit bureau searches, which leave a record of the search on the both credit files however, neither credit score will be impacted. With your consent, we may also contact trade references, mortgagees (the lender/bank) or landlords.Our communications are initiated at appropriate stages to ensure that as a customer you are fully informed of all the terms incorporated you need to fulfill during the application procedure. We use a number of sources of information to help us understand your business and use our experience and skills to best determine your ability to pay back the loan amount. If you miss out on any payment schedule or are experiencing any financial difficulty, we will try to work out an amicable payment solution for you .

We will be open with you if you fall short of the eligibility owing to any reason, it will usually be because we are trying to protect your financial security or it is too risky for us. Whatever the reason, it will be rightly communicated with you.

We expect your responsible action

We aim to help the businesses across the UK fulfill their business ambition and grow on their ambitions. We are here to keep our responsibility on responsible lending and so we expect you to help us determine your real position by being open to us on your current situation. We expect you not to hide any facts that need to be divulged to us being a lender. Also after receiving the money from us, we expect you to remain fair and transparent on your dealings with us. We expect you to alert us on any difficulties faced by your business, which can impact on your payments to us. If we declined your application, where we will be explicitly citing the reason and this means you always have to bear in mind before approaching other lenders as it can have deleterious impact on your financial health.

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