Our Lending Process

Stage 1-

Loan Application

We obtain your Business and personal details when you make an application with us. We want to know your business needs and how we can help as a financier.

Stage 2-

Credit Evaluation

We will review your Business Activity and its revenue generation model, conduct identity and credit checks, and assess your business funding needs based on the information you provided to us. We will conduct an affordability check for your business to ensure that your business is able to meet up with our funding cost.

Stage 3-

Credit Disbursement

Once you qualify during our credit evaluation, we will make you the Loan offer. If you are happy with the offer, We will credit your business account within 24 hours. It's so quick and may not take that long.

Stage 4-

Loan Repayments

Your Payments will be fixed based on your businesses revenue generation model. It must be paid regularly to our account through either Direct Debit Mandate or through Continuous Payment Authority.

Stage 5-

Credit Monitoring

We will be keen in continuously monitoring the health of your business as it impacts your repayments, we would need your cooperation in sharing the true status of your business so that we can timely offer you support if needed.

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