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We believe in building a long term friendly relationship with our business customers and so our team will always be there to help our customers for their any financing needs.

A secured loan will require you to put up a property or asset as collateral against the loan. So the loan will be covered by the value of the asset which makes the financing less risky. You don't need to provide such security for an unsecured loan, but will require a personal guarantee from at least one director or shareholder in the business on any loan that you take out with us. It also makes it quicker to access the funding but since the loan is not backed by any security it makes financing risky which is why the cost of finance is higher.
All the Unsecured loans offered are for business purpose and it should be for any needs like to meet the stock demand,working capital need,VAT payment etc but it must be for the business.
The eligibility amount is determined by looking at revenue generation operability of the business.
All our loans are for short term purpose and the repayments are scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the revenue model of the recipient business. So the maximum period cannot be greater than 12 months.
Our cost of loan is fixed and is generally at 1% per week. So the cost is determined based on the amount and duration of the loan.
We need your latest Bank statement and proof of Business establishment along with KYC documents. It will not be a concern as our Account staff will help you through the document submission.
Credit Checks are an inevitable part of Loan scrutinization Process.Once your application is submitted, and with your permission, we will run credit checks on the business, as well as its directors.
We have a generous consideration for the business owners with Poor credit history or credit rating, as we believe that a default in the past owing to any unavoidable circumstances should not hinder anyone from accessing mainstream financing to secure a better future.
Our accounts team will guide you through setting up repayments through direct debit.You have to authorize the direct debit payments through our PSP like Easypay.
You can repay the Loan early as per your wish. Since the Loan is extended to you based on a fixed cost per term, you may need to bear the whole term cost. But rebates can be provided at our discretion which depends on the performance of your account.
We know that at the current uncertain times you may face financial difficulty. So when you become aware that you are going to miss a repayment, then you are requested to get in touch with our team and they will assist you with the various alternative options. It is advisable to contact us earlier before defaulting on the repayment, as it can help you from leaving a bad credit remark .

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